Want to sell your home but not sure when or with who?

January 6, 2017

Have you thought about selling your home but are hesitant because of the economic downturn? Wanting to save as much as possible on commissions so you've thought about selling yourself or with low commission brokerages?? 
Totally understandable...but if you give me a minute just sit right there and I'll tell you how I became the prince of town called Bel-Air.....oops sorry got sidetracked.

Let's face reality, it is scary out there...period! If there was a time where you would want a realtor to fight not only for your listing but also in negotiations, IT IS NOW! What I'm trying to say is that listing your home with a proven professional in an unsteady market is your best option. Why?? Because there are approximately 3500 other agents who will help in selling your home.

At the end of the day we all want to walk away with as much as possible no matter what we are selling. But the longer your property stays on the market....the less money you will make. Just because a certain commission free brokerage allows your property to be on the MLS doesn't mean your property is going to sell. There are many factors in determining who and where you choose to market your home.

Do your research folks! Spend time in doing your due diligence just as you would when purchasing a new vehicle. Spending time now could possibly save you thousands later!

All the best in 2017! 

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